2016 Composition Contest: Bugs

Composition Contest Winners

Congratulations to everyone who participated. Your pieces were great! Once again we received about 400 compositions for the contest – all filled with creative ideas. As always, it was difficult to pick just a few, but we are pleased to announce the 2016 Winners are:

10 and under

1st Place: 
Flight of the Butterfly
Abby Harris, age 10, New York
Teacher: Karine Koroukian

2nd place: 
Fantasy Bug Shapette
Maysie Snider, age 9, Missouri
Teacher Christine Erickson

3rd Place: 
Henry Haag, age 8, Kentucky
Teacher Beth Laytart

Honorable Mention:
Mosquito of the Camping World
Pete Bacon, age 9, Idaho
Teacher Andrea Hubbard

The Honey Bee’s Song
Anthony Yang, age 8, North Carolina
Teacher Diane W. Higgins

Hugs from Bugs
Peighton Macary, age 6, Florida
Teacher Mr. Weaver

11 and over

1st Place:
Spider Walk Blues
Filip Zembowicz, age 11, North Carolina
Teacher Julius Wojciech Bujalski

2nd Place: 
Alex Ecker, age 12, Maine
Teacher Christine Kissack

3rd Place: 
The Asian Dragonfly
Tiffany Chaverri, age 19, Missouri
Teacher Christine Erickson

Honorable Mention: 
Emma Cho, age 14, Illinois
Teacher Janna Williamson

Butterfly Dawn
MaryLyn Joseph, age 17, Michigan
Teacher Kristy Shervish

A New Beginning: The Life of a Butterfly
Malan Moody, age 16, Georgia
Teacher Luther Washington, II

Congratulations to everyone who participated! First, second, and third place pieces will be published in upcoming issues of Piano Explorer. Honorable Mention pieces will be available on the website.