Listening Project:

Encourage your students to come up with their favorite piece of Classical music to listen to. You could also play a variety of great works for them, or give them a listening assignment to explore several works on their own as part of their practicing.

Encourage them to develop their listening skills by writing down what they hear as they listen. Ask them to write down what captures their interest about the piece and describe the style and characteristics of the piece. This might include the mood, tempo, instrumentation, musical period etc. Encourage them to listen to several recordings of the work and notice differences between them. If we get some interesting submissions from students on this topic, we may print more in upcoming issues. ([email protected])

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2015-2016 Schedule of Composers

September: Vivaldi
October: Schubert
November: Dvorak
December: Mendelssohn
January: Ravel
February: Chopin
March: Saint-Saens
April: Telemann
May/June: Pachelbel
July/August: Sousa

Answers to April Puzzles
Word Scramble (page 4) cantata, opera, oratorio, concerto, sonata. These are types of compositions written by Telemann

Word Search (page 14)

Quiz (page 15): 1. b 2. a 3. Handel, J.S. Bach 4. b 5. very slow, slow and stately, walking speed, moderate 6. b 7. c

100 Day Challenge

Print out a certificate for your students who complete the challenge.pdf
The completed practice sheets continue to pour in. If you haven’t tried this with your students, you can still start now. Please email us names of students who complete the challenge to:[email protected]. Include the student’s name, age, state, and teacher’s name as well as how many days of practice the student has completed.
As one teacher said, “The 100 days of practicing has inspired my students to more than I thought each was capable!”

We will continue this challenge in the upcoming year, and students may start at any time. Check out the students who have played for 100 days at

Music Corner: Encourage students to submit music to Music Corner throughout the year. Music must be a student’s own work although you may help them write it down. It can be hand written or done with a music program. Please keep a copy as we cannot return music. Write the student’s name, age, address, and teacher’s name plus any relevant information about the music on the back of the first page. Send music to Music Corner, Piano Explorer, 1838 Techny Court, Northbrook, Illinois 60062.