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Final Edition of Piano Explorer

Dear Students and Teachers,

We are very sad to announce that due to a significant decrease in subscriptions this year, the July/August issue will be the final print issue of Piano Explorer. There will be a few final pdf versions for the fall 2021 issues that will be available for free download on our website this summer. (

Piano Explorer began in September 1980 as a 4-page newsletter for piano students. In September 1988, it changed to the full 16 pages. Over the years, we have shared information about composers, musicians, musical periods, practice ideas, and much more. The Composition Contest, a yearly favorite, began in 1997 when students wrote pieces about Spring. Since then, each year hundreds of students have composed pieces on a wide variety of themes, ranging from dinosaurs and animals to life under the sea and outer space.

When the 100-Day Challenge was announced as a practice tip in November 2012, we had no idea what it would lead to. The first 100 day name was sent in for the February 2013 issue. Since then we have received 10,384 finished practice challenges! Participants ranged in age from 3 years old up to adult students and even some teachers. You are all amazing! (The 100-Day Challenge ends this month in the magazine, but we hope everyone will continue practicing and reach ever higher practice goals.)

We have loved hearing from you over the years and hope you will keep exploring and enjoying music! If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected]

The Piano Explorer Staff

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