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2017 Composition Contest Theme:


The theme for the 2017 Piano Explorer Composition Contest is water. You can write about WATER in any of its many forms. For example, your piece could be about rain, a thunderstorm, a waterfall, an ocean, a stream, a river, a puddle, or even a dripping faucet – and don’t forget frozen water such as snow, ice, glaciers and so forth. Use your imagination and be creative!

For more information and complete requirements see the January issue of Piano Explorer or go to the January kids page.

Deadline: March 10, 2017

Send your compositions to:
Piano Explorer
Composition Contest
1838 Techny Court, Northbrook, IL 60062
Fax: 847-446-6263
Do not send via email.

Composers of the month

Robert and Clara Schumann

Clara Schumann: Prelude and Fugue

Clara Schumann: Variations on a Theme by Robert Schumann

Clara Schumann: Piano Trio for piano, violin and cello

Robert Schumann: Scenes from Childhood

Robert Schumann: Carnaval

Robert Schumann: Papillons, Op. 2

Robert Schumann: Kreisleriana, Op. 16

Robert Schumann: Abegg Variations

Robert Schumann’s Piano Music from Album for the Young, Op. 68

Soldier’s March

Wild Rider

Happy Farmer

First Sorrow


Mozart Violin concerto #3

J.S. Bach Concerto for Two violins