July/August Teacher’s Guide

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The easiest pieces by Gershwin for piano are “Three-Quarter Blues,” “Merry Andrew,” “Impromptu in Two Keys,” “Two Waltzes in C,” and “Promenade.” They are suitable for late-intermediate students. Preludes I, II, and III are slightly more difficult.

A Few Recommended editions of Gershwin’s Piano Music

George Gershwin at the Piano, edited by M. Hinson (Alfred) –  the most famous piano selections by the composer, including Preludes, Merry Andrew, and Three-Quarter Blues

Complete Works for Solo Piano, edited by M. Hinson (Alfred) – includes easier selections, such as the Three-Quarter Blues, as well as the more difficult pieces, such as Rhapsody in Blue.

Summer Music Ideas

There are so many exciting musical opportunities in the summer. Encourage students to explore a variety of musical performances. Some options are marching bands in 4th of July parades and outdoor performances by bands and orchestras – either local concerts at parks or bigger venues where major symphony orchestras hold summer programs. Nearby music camps often open performances to the general public.

2017-2018 Schedule of Composers

September: J.S. Bach
October: Haydn
November: Rossini
December: Tchaikovsky
January: Satie
February: Spanish Composers
March: Grieg
April: Liszt
May/June: Britten
July/August: Copland

The 2018 Piano Explorer Composition Contest theme will be announced in the January 2018 issue. We will not provide contest information prior to that. We will feature the music of different countries in upcoming issues and there will be features on additional composers in the months that their countries are covered.

Answers to July Puzzles

Quiz (page 15)
1. a 2. b 3. b 4. distortion, chorus, reverb, delay, wah wah 5. a 6. various answers 7. e

Crossword Puzzle (page 13)

100 Day Challenge

Encourage your students to try the 100 Day challenge. If they practice every day for 100 days, send their information to us and we will print their names in the magazine. We have heard from many teachers that this has been an exciting incentive for their students. If students are away on vacation or are sick, they must still do something with music each day. The specifics are up to the teacher but some ideas are: listening to music, studying their pieces without a piano, reading Piano Explorer, writing a composition, or researching a composer, piece or musical period.

Print out a certificate for your students who complete the challenge.pdf

The completed practice sheets continue to pour in. If you haven’t tried this with your students, you can still start now. Please email us names of students who complete the challenge to: [email protected]Include the student’s name, age, state, and teacher’s name as well as how many days of practice the student has completed. Please do not mail them in.

As one teacher said, “The 100 days of practicing has inspired my students to more than I thought each was capable!”

We will continue this challenge in the upcoming year, and students may start at any time. Check out the students who have played for 100 days at https://pianoexplorer.net/100-day-challenge/

Music Corner: Encourage students to submit music to Music Corner throughout the year. Music must be a student’s own work although you may help them write it down. It can be hand written or done with a music program. Please keep a copy as we cannot return music. Write the student’s name, age, address, and teacher’s name plus any relevant information about the music on the back of the first page.

Send music to Music Corner, Piano Explorer, 1838 Techny Court, Northbrook, Illinois 60062.