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Composer of the month

Aaron Copland


Appalachian Spring
(conducted by Leonard Bernstein)


00:00 1. Buckaroo Holiday
08:11 2. Corral Nocturne
15:35 3. Saturday Night Waltz
21:03 4. Hoe-Down

Bonaparte’s Retreat

One of the movements in Rodeo – Hoe-Down is based on two traditional fiddle tunes: Bonaparte’s Retreat and Miss McLeod’s Reel. Listen to the Hoe-Down movement (above at minute 21:03) and then listen to the two fiddle tunes.

Miss McLeod’s Reel

Can you hear these tunes being played by the orchestra in Hoe-Down?

The Heiress

El Salon Mexico, an early work influenced by Copland’s travels in Mexico
(conducted by Leonard Bernstein)


The Young Pioneers

Sunday Afternoon Music


Down a Country Lane

Outdoor Overture


Leonard Bernstein


Tonight from West Side Story

Orchestral Overture for West Side Story

Bernstein as a conductor in 1989 (Candide Overture)

Part of a televised Young People’s Concert from 1958

Scott Joplin and Ragtime

The Entertainer (on a piano roll)

Maple Leaf Rag

Pineapple Rag

Solace – a different style of work by Joplin


Player Pianos

How a player piano works (The Entertainer)

More Player Piano (William Tell Overture)

National Anthems

The Star-Spangled Banner (US)

Yankee Doodle Dandy (not an anthem but a patriotic song from the time of the Revolutionary War.)

God Save the Queen (UK)

O Canada (English version)