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The 2017 Composition Contest winners are listed below.


Composer of the month

Igor Stravinsky


Stravinsky conducting The Firebird

The Rite of Spring with Leonard Bernstein conducting

Petrouchka ballet

Scherzo Fantastique (orchestral work)

Circus Polka (piano)

Stravinsky’s The Star Spangled Banner


Here are a few famous ballets.

Romeo and Juliet by Prokofiev

Overture to Bizet’s Carmen

Listening Guide to Two Spring Ballets

Appalachian Spring by Copland and The Rite of Spring by Stravinsky

Appalachian Spring by Copland

(0:07) Very slowly (Introduction)
(2:51) Allegro (Tutti)
(5:24) Moderato (Pas de deux: bride and groom)
(8:36) Fast (Revivalist and His Flock: barn dance)
(12:06) Presto (Bride’s solo)
(14:31) Meno mosso (transition)
(16:30) Slow introduction to variations (cut from the Suite)
(16:56) Doppio movimento (Variations on a Shaker Hymn)
(19:11) Point at which the material cut from the Suite begins
(27:37) Point at which the Suite resumes (last Shaker variation)
(28:06) Moderato (Coda)

The Rite of Spring by Stravinsky

Listening Guide to Rite of Spring

The 2017 Composition Contest winners are:

10 and younger

1st Place:
Lake Scene
by Annabelle Rudd, age 7, Japan
Teacher Yumiko Sato

2nd place:
The Rippling Lake
by Kylee Neil, age 7, Montana
Teacher Jessica Olson

3rd Place:
Lakeside Walks in Switzerland
by Anthony Yang, age 9, North Carolina
Teacher Diane W. Higgins

Honorable Mention:
Mysterious Waterfall
by Preston Beaty, age 10, Washington Teacher Vanessa Ellis

The Gulf of Mexico
by Nathan Rugheimer, age 10, Montana
Teacher Jessica Olson

11 and older

1st Place:
A Drive in the Rain
by Jed Dela Pena, age 13, California
Teacher Tammy Prenot

2nd Place:
by Emma de la Cruz, age 11, Virginia
Teacher Pauline Pompei

3rd Place:
Forest Stream
by Alison Marseglia, age 14, Connecticut
Teacher Elizabeth Limkemann

Honorable Mention:
Distant Streams
by Timothy De Leon, age 15, Ohio
Teacher Jane Bell