Teacher’s Guides


To help teachers use Piano Explorer with their students, we offer these guides to accompany each issue of the print magazine. Teacher’s Guides include answers to puzzles in the issue.

May/June Teacher’s Guide
April Teacher’s Guide
March Teacher’s Guide
February Teacher’s Guide
January Teacher’s Guide
December Teacher’s Guide
November Teacher’s Guide

Teachers use Piano Explorer with their students in many different ways. Several subscribers were kind enough to share their ideas. If you would like to let other teachers know how you use the magazine to supplement your teaching, please email us.

I make a gift of Piano Explorer Magazine to my music students every month and give them composer bucks for telling me what they read and for trying the puzzles, quizzes, etc. You are doing a wonderful job making the articles “kid-friendly,” and it makes for great “cuddle time” for parents with the younger ones! This month I am going more in depth with Impressionism, as I have several books and some paintings in my home of impressionistic painters. Then I play music by Debussy and Ravel for them and they can hear for themselves how the musicians create an “impression” as well. It’s really been fun filling in some extra fun details with each composer and his music!
A teacher in Pennsylvania
My students love Piano Explorer. They look forward to the week they get to read the magazine. I have them listen to music by the composer or music in that style while they read an article of their choice. This is done during theory time that accompanies each lesson. A teacher in Utah