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2019 Composition Contest: Theme Pets

Deadline: March 8, 2019

Write a composition about your pet. You could tell a story or describe your pet with music. If you do not have a pet, you could write about a pet you would like to have, a friend’s pet, or just an animal that interests you. Be sure to write a few sentences to describe your composition and draw a picture too. Entries will be divided into two groups: ages 10 and under and 11 and up. Results will be announced in the May/June issue. You must subscribe to Piano Explorer to enter the contest. Check the rules below carefully. Good luck!

Contest Rules

1. You or your teacher must subscribe to Piano Explorer. (If your teacher subscribes, he or she must have as many subscriptions as students who have entered.) Students must be 18 years or younger.

2. Only solo piano music will be considered for prizes.

3. Write your name, age, address, phone number, and teacher’s name on the back of the music.

4. All compositions must be written by students. Parents and teachers may help write down the notes.

5. Do not quote other pieces of music in your compositions. We cannot print such pieces due to copyright laws. You must also include a signed statement to participate. PDF of required statement

6. Keep a copy for yourself. We cannot return music.

7. All submissions must be postmarked or faxed by the deadline, March 8, 2019. We are not responsible for pieces that are delayed in the mail.

8. Last year’s first-prize winners may not enter this year.

9. Drawings are encouraged, but not required.

10. Fax or mail entries only. Please no emails!

11. Make sure to compose music specifically to the topic. Don’t just add a fitting title to a composition you already have.

12. You must include a description of the piece. This is NOT optional. If you want your piece considered for a prize, you must write a few sentences about how your music represents the topic.

Send your compositions to

Composition Contest
Piano Explorer
1838 Techny Court
Northbrook, IL 60062

Fax: 847-446-6263

Do not send via email.
(If outside the U.S., please check with us about exceptions to this rule – [email protected])

Winning Pieces will be printed in the magazine. Be sure to draw a picture to go with your music.

Renewals and New Subscriptions

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100 Day Practice Challenge

Do you think you can practice every day for 100 days – with no missed days at all? Try the 100-day practice challenge and see your name in Piano Explorer!

Students who have practiced for 100 days or more! 

(Full instructions, Downloadable practice chart, and Certificates of Completion for teachers to print are here as well.)

Note: we will send an email confirmation when we compile the list each month – this is usually in the last few days of the month.


Composer Schedule
for 2018-2019

D. Scarlatti
J.C. Bach

Other composers and musicians will be featured throughout the year in addition to these primary ones.