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100 Day Practice Challenge: If you emailed student names after April 1, they will not be printed until the July/August issue because May/June is a combined month. You will receive an email confirmation when we compile the list for July. (We finish the issues about a month in advance to allow time for printing and mailing.)

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for subscribers of the student magazine, Clavier’s Piano Explorer. It includes additional information for students, including links to music mentioned in the issue and quizzes, as well as suggestions for teachers.

2018 Composition Contest Winners

Younger Division
1st Place:
On the Dunes of the Desert, by Julian Lowenhar, age 10, NY, Teacher Diana Wan

2nd Place:
Sand Surfing, by Mason Betley, age 10, WI, Teacher Robin Steinweg

3rd Place (tie):
The Camel’s Journey, by Parker Collins, age 10, UT, Teacher Julie Williams

3rd Place (tie):
Racing Cheetahs, by Kylee Neil, age 8, MT, Teacher Jessica Olson

Honorable Mentions:
Sahara Sunrise, by Lydia Fried, age 9, NJ, Teacher Pamela Weiler

Desert Rain, by Joshua Baucom, age 10, NC, Teacher Nancy Siedschlag

Older Division
1st Place:
Kangaroo Mouse Boogie, by Cody Hundhausen, age 15, MT, Teacher Jessica Olson

2nd Place:
Antarctica’s Mountains, by Sarah H. Miller, age 15, MO, Teacher Leann Rodman

3rd Place (tie):
Rattlesnake Attack, by Ransom Martin, age 11, VA, Teacher Tasha Locke

3rd Place (tie):
Desert Lark, by April Shi, age 13, NC, Teacher Dianne W. Higgins

Honorable Mentions:
The Caravan Departs at Dawn, by Colleen Leacock, age 14, CA, Teacher Lydia McCool

Desert Fugue and Rondo, by David Youngblood, 16, VA, Teacher Jacinta Whiting

100 Day Practice Challenge

Piano Explorer students who practice 100 days in a row (or more) may submit their names and achievement. We will publish the names in the magazine each month and post them on Complete instructions may be found here.

100 Day Practice – Student Names

Teachers: You can print out a charts for students to keep track of their practicing here – 100-Day Practice Chart. When students complete the challenge, many teachers also print out 100-Day Practice Certificates and present them at lessons or recitals.

To submit 100-day practice names, email the teacher should email the name, age, teacher name, and state to [email protected].

Note: you do NOT need to email the chart to us or send it by regular mail. We compile the list once a month and will usually acknowledge receipt of email at that time and let you know what issue the names will appear in.

Please note: we compile the lists about once a month and will send an email response at that time. Due to printing/mailing deadlines, the cutoff for each issue is approximately one month before the cover date of the magazine. (For example, entries received by about April 1 will be included in the May issue.) If you sent a name in after April 1, it will not be printed until the July/August issue because May/June is a combined month.


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