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To our subscribers,

We are very sad to announce that due to the significant decrease in subscriptions this year, the July/August issue will be the final print issue of Piano Explorer. We will be producing a few final pdf versions for the fall 2021 issues that will be available for free download on our website this summer. (

The 100-Day Challenge ended with the July/August issue.

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2021 Composition Contest Winners

Congratulations to everyone who participated and sent in wonderful pieces! Hundreds of students sent in compositions about chickens, ducks, roosters, sheep, cows, spooky barns, and much more. As always, it was difficult to pick just a few, but we are pleased to announce the 2021 winners.

Younger Division

1st Place: Haunted Farm by Juliet Dickerson, age 8, Teacher: Dan McCurry

2nd Place (tie): The Rooster Dance, by Michael Papadopoulos, age 7, Teacher: Jeffrey Miller

2nd Place (tie): The Duck, by Maxwell Stordahl, age 9, Teacher: Jessica Olson

3rd Place (tie): Blue Butterfly, by Alice Polusmiak, age 9, Teacher: Sergei Polusmiak

3rd Place (tie): The Really Creepy Barn, by Tommy Nelson, age 8, Teacher: Jessica Olson

Honorable Mention: Barn Cat Hunter, by Jillian Williams, age 10, Teacher: Jessica Olson

Older Division

1st Place: The Pecking Order, by Gabe Stordahl, age 13, Teacher: Jessica Olson

2nd Place: Farm Memories, by Noah Antonio, age 17, Teacher: Tammy Prenot

3rd Place (tie): Ranch Hand Blues, by Rachel Lane, age 14, Teacher: Dan McCurry

3rd Place (tie): Barn Cat Rag, by Foster Hoover, age 11, Teacher: Connie Brown

Honorable Mention: A Farm Over the Mountain, by Nathanael Lane, age 17, Teacher: Dan McCurry

Honorable Mention: Rooster Blues, by Jack Oakman, age 13, Teacher: Dan McCurry

Honorable Mention: Spring Colt, by Holden Courson, age 16, Teacher: Susan Hutson

Editor’s note: Judging was completed by an outside panel, without looking at student or teacher names. Creativity and relation to the contest theme were the among the primary judging considerations.

100 Day Practice Challenge

The final 100-day list was in the July/August issue. We hope that everyone who has participated in this challenge over the years will keep up the great work!

Students who have practiced for 100 days or more! 

(Downloadable practice chart, and Certificates of Completion for teachers to print are here as well.)