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Extra Content for Students During COVID-19:

With all of the changes going on now and so many students studying from home, we are posting some old issues of Piano Explorer for you to read. We will add more issues in coming days. We hope that everyone stays safe and healthy.

Teachers: The April magazines are in the mail and supplemental material should be uploaded at the end of the month. If you are a current subscriber and would like a pdf of the April issue to distribute to students, please email us at [email protected].

March Teacher Page
February Student Page


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100 Day Practice Challenge

Do you think you can practice every day for 100 days – with no missed days at all? Try the 100-day practice challenge and see your name in Piano Explorer!

Students who have practiced for 100 days or more! 

(Full instructions, Downloadable practice chart, and Certificates of Completion for teachers to print are here as well.)

Note: we will send an email confirmation when we compile the list each month – this is usually in the last few days of the month.


Composer Schedule
for 2019-2020


Like last year, other composers and musicians will be featured throughout the year in addition to these primary ones. More information to come on these plans in the fall.